Red For Red Roses

The little bird calls to the world
The little bird sings of the world
This bird’s song isn’t fully born, but I give it to you
For you, eternal dream, unending dream, sweet dream

Dedicated to you, To free you from deep sadness
From the birdcage you gave me, a song of prayer
A little happiness, please be happy, please forever.
Hey, why do you look so sad?
Let me comfort you

I will give you
Red for red rose
It will make you feel well
Bury you in red
many roses…So many roses I love you
many roses, I love you
But, here the flowers are white, in the little birdcage
But there’s no problem, I read in the book,
Turn it red
Color the white flower
To blood, like the bird in the book
Rose, for you, yours

The flower’s core to red, red like blood
Blood of the richest color
Most beautiful color since my mother birthed me
The first I’ve seen this color
Rich red rose for you
Covered in blood
Well, will you give me your blessing?
Covered in love
Why don’t you speak to me?Covered, for you
Speak to me?

The little bird cries a little in song for mother
For you, eternal dream, unending dream.

I Think…

I think we need a god and a bar ..
I think tonight we’ll get to tell us everything
that we have to say … or so I believe …
I really believe that not everything is already here .. and some days instead
I think it is so …
I think to your smell and the way I do feel,
This I believe …
Here nobody c’ha the owner’s manuals,
I believe that everyone makes the rounds as it is in their own way
here there was never a world only ..
I think that says that around that love brings love, I think …
if you need, call me “stupid”, but at least I think …
if you just call me “stupid”, at least for me ..
I think the noise of those who remain silent,
that when we quit a little early to hope ‘to die …
I believe in your love and what I pull out .. or so I believe ..
I think there is something locked
and that all truth can do good or do evil ..
I think that now you must hear our hands to those who believe …
I think that says that around that love called love …
I think …
if you need, call me “stupid”, but at least I think …
if you just call me “stupid”, at least for me …

Paris: Where to go while in the city of light


Paris is a very small town, so no matter where we choose to be, we can always visit the city as a whole without being confronted with many problems.

The “rive gauche” or left side always refers to the south of Paris (the Seine). Some of the most important streets in this place are the Boulevard Saint-Germain, the Rue Michel Rennes. The Left Bank of Paris has always been associated with the bohemian and creativity.

North of the Seine, the “rive droit” or right margin is linked to the elegance and sophistication. The most famous street of this place is the “Champ-Elysees,” although there are other bumps in that place as the “Rue de la Paix, Rue de Rivoli and Avenue Montaigne.” Starting at the “kilometer 0″ in front of Notre Dame, Paris is divided into 20 districts. The numbering is spiral in the direction of clockwise starting at the cathedral in question. The numbering follows the order 1st French for “premier” by deuxieme 2e, 3e by troiseme and so on.

World Heritage Sites in Central America

rio platano

Central America is an area that has many tourist attractions that have been declared world heritage sites, given their history and cultural importance.

Book of the Cordillera de Talamanca – Panama
Located on the border between Panama and Costa Rica. It was declared a World Heritage Site in 1983 and covers the La Amistad International Park and the Cordillera de Talamanca. It has the most significant elevations in these countries: Cerro Kamuk (3.549 m) and Cerro Chirripo (3,820 m) in Costa Rica and Cerro Fabrega (3,335 m) and the Baru volcano (3,475 m) in Panama. The area is characterized by humid tropical climate and is home to varied fauna.

Tikal National Park – Guatemala
It is part of the Maya Biosphere Reserve since 1990, was created in 1955, is located in northern Guatemala in the department of Petén. Within the park is the ancient Mayan city Tikal, one of the most important of this civilization and main attraction. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979

The Restless You, The Past of Mine

What happens, dear?
besides, we have regardless distance on our way
Between dreams and reality, I tried to rise up.

As I engraved my blue feeling at the endless of despair
Thus, The more I cried, more fluctuated of my sadness
So dark, just different as the morning that absorbed by the grassy smile; condense

Dear, my past has been faded away
Still I worthy for you?
My appeal to heaven’s mercy, to the stars
So, the time still give me another chance
to meet you…
to know about you well, dear…
Because of my massive night of darkness, I’m worried about you.

Another Feeling from My Other Side

Honestly, I still confused about my decision to make this blog. I just follow my own feeling to create this blog with a domain name “Viendarri” that I don’t even know what the meaning of this. Since this blog is just for sharing my random thoughts, I’d rather to make it in a language of any (like Mitose said).

I don’t know how to start to writing, it just strange to me. Maybe another side of me want to tell something through this blog (as you know, I’m evil in other side, hhahaha…). Well, enjoy this.