Like the birds that fly in the firmament,
Like the plants that dance thanks to the wind,
Like the fishes that swim in the rivers,
Like the animals that run through the land,
I will be happy to convey to the world my voice of joy.

Let´s praise the shine of the love,
Let´s praise the blessing that is as beautiful as a blooming flower.
Let´s praise our own Sublimation.
Now, I’ll be happy to turn my life into a world for the love. Let´s praise!

I’m happy to see you sleeping with a smile,
and that smile is because of the vanishing of all the sufferings.
I’m happy to see that you are relaxing,
and thinking what do you love the most, and what is the most important thing to you.
I will be happy to protect this world for the love.
I will concentrate in not forgiving even the slightest mistake.

Let’s praise, so the sinners can be judged.
Let´s praise that the radiance of the dawn will not disappear.
Let´s praise our own Sublimation,
Now, offer all of yourselves to me and let´s gather in the way of hope. Let’s praise!!

The sky is being dyed with the color of the dawn, and I tremble with the presentiment of change.
Let’s try to catch that tiny star once more.
The laments aren’t reaching us already,
and even if the people are still despairing,
they will stop living in the forest of darkness.

I’m happy that the morning dew is claimed by the flying butterflies,
and they gently fly down over your closed eyelids.
The trees have finished sprouting their new leaves,
and they are shrouding us gently with their breath.
I’m sad because you all are depressed,
because of the sufferings and cries that come from the memories of the past.

I will offer my embrace to you, and console you.
I will offer to this world and I will remove all the laments from it.
I shall offer my and my Sublimation.
I will be happy to sing for your sake, and to purify the world.

I’ll be happy to turn my life into a world for the love.
I will be happy to protect this world for the love.

I’m happy to be with you, and I want to be forever, forever with you.
I’m very happy to be with you, and I want to be forever, forever with you.

The Secret of London

london big ben

London is much more impressive and important monuments, and although it has sites that are recognized at first glance, there are places hidden between its urban backwaters that can fascinate even more than most the commonly visited. One of the biggest attractions of these delicacies hidden in London, is the lack of crowds and crowds of people, often from enjoying all the senses each of the attractions that we see.

Dennis Severs House
This is a fascinating Georgian house, one where we find a family of Huguenot silk weavers who impress us with food to candlelit rooms filled with memorabilia and artifacts of the most captivating. The aim of the decor is to sweetening to the senses, and certainly succeed.

As can be noted recommendation is best to visit the tour on Monday night. The location of the place is at 18 Folgate St E1, Liverpool St.

Top destinations in Argentina: Part One


Argentina located southeast of South America is one of the most important countries of Latin America, given its size and economic importance of big city. But it is also a country whose attractions are great and worth knowing.

Buenos Aires
This is one of the most important cities in Latin America, a real city with great cultural imprint. The theaters are the main attractions of the city: Columbus, Grand Rex, El Teatro Maipo, Cervantes National Theater, etc.. The neighborhood of La Boca, located southwest of the city at the mouth of the Creek, is one of the most attractive places in Buenos Aires. Very picturesque colored houses on the street “Caminito”, a place to live tango and to be visited by football fans, for hosting the stadium of Boca Juniors. Puerto Madero a gastronomic destination must for lovers of good food in the landscape framework of the Rio de la Plata.

Talampaya park
Located in the province of La Rioja, this is 215,000 hectares of area, rock formations, archaeological remains. It was declared a Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2000.

Perito Moreno Glacier
A huge mass of ice located in the province of Santa Cruz, in front of the Magallanes peninsula in southwestern Argentina. It has 5 miles wide, a height of approximately 74 meters above Lake Argentino and a depth of 170 meters. In 1981 it was declared a World Natural Heritage Site. He is constantly shedding ice blocks of different sizes into Lake Argentino, which makes the occurrence of large waves and a really eerie sound. They can be both terrestrial and aquatic excursions and may even walk on the ice.

El Calafate
It is a city located about 80 kilometers from the Perito Moreno glacier in Patagonia in the province of Santa Cruz. Is the gateway to Glacier National Park, of which the Perito Moreno is the main attraction. Around the Lake Argentino is a myriad of tourist activities for visits and leisure travelers, horseback riding, hiking, etc.. The place is ideal infrastructure to accommodate the tourists who come to this incredible place, international airport, luxury hotels, cozy cabins, etc..

Iguazu Falls
They are located in the Province of Misiones in the context of wild subtropical forest vegetation. Are made up of 275 waterfalls that reach 80 meters high, fueled largely by the Iguazu River. Were chosen in 2011 as one of the “Seven Natural Wonders of the world.” Rides can be made under the falls by boat, hiking trails admiring the vegetation and animals typical of the region. The jump higher flow of water, 80 meters, called “The Devil’s throat” can be seen when walking the runways from Puerto Canoas, using environmentally friendly trains.

The world’s most beautiful gardens: Part One

Jardín Chanticleer

The gardens bring to cities an important touch of nature, oxygenate the environment and also have an aesthetic function key: The decoration of the same.

Chanticleer garden
Located in Philadelphia and has the particularity of containing other gardens within it. They have a mix of styles: tropical gardens, wildflowers, forests, aquatic plants, herbaceous plants.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden
It is located in Brooklyn, United States and is considered one of the best in the world. It has about 10 000 different species of plants, shrubs, trees and vegetation, which includes plants and oriental aesthetics characteristic of Japan (the first Japanese garden in a public garden American) in certain areas of 21 hectares covered. It also has lily ponds and is the meeting place for many visitors, with specially for children to play freely.

Some of the best destinations for rural tourism

rural object

Rural tourism destinations including the rural areas have, small towns, villages, far from cities, which tend to keep old plants, historical. Often they are rooms that were renovated and upgraded to meet the tourism and offer a myriad of Serbs that may include typical breakfast and lunch, horseback riding, hunting, rural activities such as milking, feeding animals, etc..

In Mexico there are several places to enjoy rural tourism eg

  • Cuetzalan – Puebla: It is a magical town of Mexico located in Puebla, where there are several alternatives for rural tourism. Some of them are: Villas Cuetzalan, and Villa Adventure
  • Tequila – Jalisco: The Grand Cottage Abolengos Class: In addition to outstanding facilities and services offered by hills adventure tours, horseback riding, biking, balloon, etc.
  • Tapalpa – Jalisco: Country Cottage Hotel El Remanso: It has very comfortable facilities, services such as rowing, horseback riding, fishing, mountain biking, etc.., And a unique landscape of mountains

Meet Lima by bike

peru bicycle

Lima, capital of Peru, is an ideal city to get around by bike, as it is flat enough and has a mild climate, in this city are not registered or the diluvial rains and excessive heat or cold can be felt in other latitudes.

In the past, as something isolated, in this city, the solutions were raised and carried to combat vehicular traffic congestion were the most obvious and less durable for long and medium term, it involved widening the avenues giving them a additional lane without considering that the increase in the number of vehicles also affected side streets and eventually would collapse himself made ​​in widening the roads. Lima had been becoming a city for cars rather than for people.

To date and for quite some time, the situation has changed markedly since, due to high pollution levels and the cost involved stopped eating time waiting between infernal traffic, have been implementing measures for transport ecological and has chosen to encourage and promote the widespread use of bicycles as transportation.